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February 25, 2006

Sweatshop Workers Speak Out

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Download the feature with worker and union organizer Branice Musavi from Kenya 16:37 minutes.


Download full audio 1 hour 12 minutes.

Sweatshop Workers Speak Out: A panel sponsored by University of Michigan student organization SOLE. Recorded on Feb 16 in the Michigan Union.

-Phannara Duangdet, Lian Thai Factory, Thailand
-Branice Musavi, Protex Factory, Ahti River Free Trade Zone, Kenya
-Siti Malikhah, PT Kolon Factory, Indonesia

Sweatshop workers are some of the most exploited workers on earth. Regularly forced to work 12 hour shifts, often exposed to dangerous chemicals with no protections, many have their passports stolen and live trapped in the factory compound, or may be forced to take pregnancy tests before entering the factory and risk losing their jobs for getting pregnant. Workers are often physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by management, in addition to pitifully low-wages. Workers everywhere are fired or harrassed for trying to form unions and having a voice on the job.

This panel intends to bring the stories of three workers who have courageously stood up for human rights around the world to students at the University of Michigan.



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