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November 15, 2005

Local Headlines 11-15

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The Ann Arbor proposal to raise property taxes to pay for the removal of over 10,000 ash trees dead or dying from the invasive species Emerald Ash Boar was defeated last Tuesday. Both property owners and the Huron Valley Chapter of the Sierra Club opposed the millage, saying that this was not the most effective way to address the problem. 57 per cent of voters agreed.


In Detroit, incumbent mayor Kwame Kilpatrick won over Freman Hendrix in a surprising defeat that defied the predictions of most poll watchers and media outlets. The Michigan Citizen reports that his victory was partially attributed to the young, black vote, which turned out in high numbers on Tuesday. Hendrix, on the other hand, won 90 per cent of the white vote.


Wayne County election judge Mary Beth Kelly granted federal investigators an injunction to have all absentee ballots, that were cast last Tuesday, preserved for evidence in their voter fraud investigation, which is centered on outgoing city clerk Jackie Currie.

Judge Kelly also gave the investigators authority to look into all payroll checks of Project Vote, which employs workers known as election ambassadors. For years, Project Vote workers have been accused of coercing seniors, or incorrectly marking the senior’s ballots in order to swing the vote in their favor. In this election, Project Vote workers are accused of manipulating seniors’ ballots to support Currie.

On Sept. 1, Judge Kelly ruled that the city clerk’s office can no longer mail tens of thousands of unsolicited absentee voter ballot applications to Detroit voters. Several days later, voters called in to talk shows saying they had received AV ballot applications in the mail despite the judge’s ruling. Currie was later ordered to pay a fine of $200.00 and subsequently lost Tuesday’s election to political novice Janice Winfrey.


Remarks made by some Livonia residents during a city planning commission meeting are propelling one white pastor to action. Their assertions that building a Wal-Mart store in their city would attract Black Detroiters and eventually turn their neighborhood into a ghetto has made headlines.

The Rev. Skip Wachsmann is pastor of the predominantly Black, Genesis Evangelical Lutheran Church on Detroit’s eastside. He said the remarks were racist and challenged all honest thinking people, especially the clergy in Livonia, to condemn them.

Waschsmann wants churches in Livonia—tagged America’s whitest city—to begin deeper discussion on racial issues.


As a result of pressures from the city fire department, Ann Arbor is going to reopen the controversial issue of the couch ban. The potential ban upset college students in August 2004 before the city tabled the topic due to lack of support.

The Ann Arbor fire department claims that two recent house fires started on porch couches. Assistant Fire Chief Chris Brenner told the Ann Arbor News that “it is only a matter of time before someone dies.”

According to the New West Side Association, there is no evidence that these fires began on porch couches. This group is raising questions as to the underlying reasons for the claims and may file a Freedom of Information Act request to investigate the motives behind these claims.


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