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October 24, 2005

National and International Headlines 10-24

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Columbus Indymedia has published a request for bail money for those arrested at the anti-Nazi demonstration in Toledo, OH. Over 114 people were arrested, and 12 of those are still being held with bail set at $10,000. Charges of those arrested ranged from misdemeanors to felonies.

Donations can be sent to: Kent ARA, Box 8 Office of Campus Life, 226 Kent
Student Center, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 44242.


The Hurricane Katrina crisis continues in New Orleans, where landlords are
serving illegal eviction notices to residents of publicly-funded housing. The
New Orleans government is colluding with these landlords to prevent African-American residents from returning to their homes, according to a group of New Orleans residents and activists.

The Forest Park Tenants Association released a statement accusing the Department
of Housing and Urban Development and the Housing Authority of New Orleans of
using allegations of storm damage as a pretext for expelling former residents.

The Tenants Association states that the government housing organizations are
preventing tenants from returning in order to sell the homes and property to
developers who will build high-priced housing. This would effectively bar
African-Americans and working class people from returning to their homes and
communities in New Orleans.

The coalition of residents is demanding that “any tenant whose place of resident
is still legally inhabitable be allowed to stay,” that there will be no raises
in rent, and that housing management must assist tenants in finding alternative
temporary housing while their property is being renovated.


Democracy Now! reports that hunger-striking detainees at Guantanamo Bay have been force-fed by guards and medical staff. Attorney Julia Tarver, who is representing detainees at Guantamo Bay, said that feeding tubes were forced into their noses and stomachs, and that guards used the same feeding tubes on different detainees.

Over 100 detainees have been hunger-striking for the past three months to protest their conditions in prison and their indefinite detention. Some prisoners have been held for almost four years without charge. The BBC reports that due to US legal restrictions, the detainees are in many cases not permitted to reveal why they are hunger striking.

Besides the force-feeding of hunger strikers, there have been many reports of abuse and mistreatment of Guantanamo detainees at the hands of US guards. In the BBC, Aamani DeGhayes whose brother is being held at Guantanamo, described the conditions. She said that his lawyer had revealed that he was being denied water and had been blinded in one eye.


The US Senate voted down measures that would have increased the federal minimum wage for the first time in nine years, reports the New Standard. The bills would have raised the minimum wage by $1.10, in a small attempt to combat the widening gap between rich and poor in the US.

The current federal minimum wage is $5.15/hr, and in 2003 there were 40 members of the US Senate who were millionaires. The annual Senate salary is over $150,000/yr., while, according to Senator Edward Kennedy who supported the bill, a single worker earning $5.15/hr would earn $10,700 per year, still $4500
below the poverty line.


The Federal Communications Commission said it is going to require universities,
companies, and cities to allow law enforcement agencies to monitor email and
online communications, according to an article in the New York Times.

Many universities, however, have threatened lawsuits, arguing that it will cost
them over $7 billion. The Times reports that the requirement will also apply
to cities that provide Internet access to residents. Both San Francisco and
Philadelphia have plans to build their own wireless networks.

While the main opposition has been universities who are concerned with the
financial burden of complying with the order, the Center for Democracy and
Technology, a civil liberties group, is drawing up a separate lawsuit that
would focus on invasion of privacy and government control over the Internet.



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